Windows XP basics for small or home based business

Windows XP overview formally codenamed Whistler, is short for the Windows Experienced and is the convergence of the two major Microsoft operating systems into one. Windows 2000 is not longer supported by Microsoft for general users and for corporations the support will drop by late 2008.

Windows (XP) is available in the following versions:

Home Edition - Full / UpgradeProfessional - Full / Upgrade

Windows (XP) was designed to be more for users who may not be familiar with all of Windows features and has several new abilities to make the Windows experience easy for those users.

Windows (XP) includes various new features not found in previous versions of Microsoft Windows. Below is a listing of some of these new features.

• New interface - a completely new look and ability to change the look.

• Updates - new feature that automatically obtains updates fro the Internet.

• Internet Explorer 6 - Includes internet explorer 6 and new IM.

• Multilingual support - added support for different languages.

In addition to the above features, Windows (XP) does increase reliability when compared to previous versions of Microsoft Windows.

Windows XP systems requirements

Below is the listed requirement for Windows XP operating system. I have added a few suggestions that will benefit your computer.

WINDOWS (XP) Home / Professional Requirements

Computer: 100% IBM Compatible

Processor: 2500 MHz or faster processor - I would recommend a minimum of at least 3000 MHz or higher here otherwise it will be painfully slow and you will see issues.

Memory: 1024MB RAM

Recommend 1024MB - Here I would recommend a minimum of 1024MB at least however 2024MB is most likely the best if you’re running lots of applications at the same time.

Drives: 2.5GB Hard Disk space required - I would recommend at least a 100GB.

CD-ROM or DVD Drive

Sound: Sound Card recommended

Video: SVGA Video Card

Controls: Keyboard / Mouse

Operating System: Upgrade requires Windows 98, 98 SE, or ME.DirectX: DirectX 8.1 Included.Other: - DVD requires DVD decoder with 8MB

Video RAM.- Video capture feature requires 400 MHz or faster processor.

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