ACT Software: Contact Management Made Easy

ACT Software maybe one of the best solutions to you business headaches even if you running a small business. If you’re trying maintains several lists, spreadsheets, and databases, all containing contact information for vendors, clients, customers, etc.?

Do your employees waste valuable time searching for contact information because they’re unsure which list is going to contain the one name they need?

It may be time for you to look into a contact management software program, such as ACT which is a answer to small business continuity software.

History of the software

This software was first introduced in 1985, was one of the first contact management packages to be released, and is widely used by businesses worldwide.

In fact, the maker of ACT software claims that it has over 2.7 million users and 41,000 corporate customers today. Contact management programs, such as ACT, eliminate the headaches so often associated with maintaining several databases of contact information, by storing contact and customer information, task lists, quotes, recent correspondence, etc., all in one easy to manage business continuity software package. Most programs for contact management are designed to combine multiple functions in order to increase speed and efficiency of business communications.

Features of the software

ACT software, in particular, features an “address book”, alarm system, task list organizer and prioritizer, memorandum generator, letter writer, and project management assistance, among other functions. Your business’ employees will be able to easily gather contact data into one program; then sales modules and other tools can help to arrange for follow-ups with customers and vendors, to share contact data among employees, and to produce reports.

Multiple users can access the software and the data it maintains at the same time, which may or may not be true of other contact management software packages. In addition, ACT software is fully integratable with programs such as MS Outlook and Word – programs your business’ employees probably already use – which helps to cut down on training time. Other contact management programs may have full, limited, or no functionality with other programs your business uses on a regular basis, depending upon the package.

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