Backup storage solutions for home and small business computer systems

There are many Backup storage solutions for your home office and small business computer systems. There are some things to consider before you run out and buy a device for running computer backup solutions on your system. One of the first things to look at for your storage device is how much date or items along with the total size of the hard drive you are going save to your storage device. If you have an 80 Gig hard drive then I would recommend at least the same size storage in terms of size. Even if you only have to backup storage 20 Gig's of data I would still recommend this for a minimum because you will fill the storage drive pretty quickly over time. Personally I like to see double the size of the hard drive for storage device that way you have lots of space to play with and you won’t out grow the storage device as fast and have to delete and make space available.

Another thing to consider for backup storage is how you are going to interface with the storage device. Are going to just going to use a USB or Firewire port or are you going to use a networked drive or even printer port. If you decide on USB then you might want to look at how old your computer is because if you have a computer that is more than 5 years old there is a good chance it is USB 1.1 which means slower transfer rates then USB 2 and what that means is much slower transfer rates and longer backup times which may or may not be an issue depending on how much time you want to spend on backing up the computer system. If there is not much data it won’t really impact you that much time wise however if it is 10 Gig then it will take some time.

You might also consider using computer accessories such as a networked Backup storage device since the transfer rate are higher than USB 1.1 and is a nice way to back up more than one computer at a time. With a networked storage device you could pretty much back up any computer with a network connection. Of course you can just connect up CD or DVD burner which is common computer accessories used to burn your data to a disk but the question is how many of the disk will you need. CD’s become a problem if you go over 700 MB’s and the same can be said for DVD’s. It is true that you can get around 9 Gig on a DVD that is dual layer but you find that the cost is more in the long run since one disk still cost around $5.00 and if you need 5 of them that’s a quick $40.00 dollars so hard drive are a little more cost effect in the long run.

Below are some samples of computer accessories that work as Backup storage devices that you can purchase for computer backup solutions.

• USB hard drive enclosure is one the cheap and easy to setup device that can provide a backup storage place for computer systems backups. You can buy the normal pay around $100.00 dollars or more one these devices. They also come in 2 form factors large which is a normal has regular size hard drive and the other is small which is contains a Laptop hard drive. Of course smaller one cost more but gives you more portability then the larger one since it will fit in your average shirt pocket however you might need to carry a separate power supply for this one for older computers that don’t have the USB voltage to drive the device.

• The next Backup storage solution networked storage. This is good way to back up more than one computer and gives you an actual remote file service that anyone can access in your office. It will cost a little more than a standard USB hard drive but it might be worth it just to have extra file and folder storage place. The current price will be around $150.00 dollars. One other note is that can do this same setup with a USB hard drive just purchase a network router that offer USB print and drive connections as well as standard network ports.

• The last recommendation is Tape storage or Jazz drives. These devices can connect via printer port, USB and Firewire along with network. The reason I made the last choice is the cost involved and the life span of the tape or drive and the fact that you have to keep changing tapes and have a place to put the tapes when not in use. There are some advantages to using these systems but I finds it benefits more for much larger systems that have large amounts of data and users.

• There are also other choices such as DVD and CD burners as Backup computer backup solutions but they all involve the purchase of media on a constant base which adds up over time. Again you have to deal with storing them. Now I know that most new PC systems come with this type of computer accessories and I do believe you should use them but they limit the amount of data write files that you want to share with others and save. Yes they might do the job but what I find happens is that people don’t like the constant trouble involved with putting in multiple CD’s or DVD’s every time you want to save your hard drive data plus you have to be there to change them out and it does take time to burn each disk.


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