Beware of the Spyware!

It was a hot, sunny Tuesday morning, when the sun was scorching at its best, and the air conditioners seemed to be working sparsely. I sat on my bed directly under the fan thinking of a better way to spend my day rather than going to the mall or getting a tan on the beach. It was just one of those days where the heat wave would exterminate my freshly dyed hair. I couldn’t let anything come in the way of my big date with Joshua tomorrow night. With magnificent blue eyes, shining blond hair, and the perfect body for a quarterback, he was the hottest guy in school who I had been trying to go out with for months.

I turned on my Mac and begin going through his high school quarterback pictures on Facebook, daydreaming about him all along. As I drooled over Joshua, my eyes fell on an advertisement at the top of the page. It read “Look Hot For Your Guy – Tips & Tricks, Outfits, Cosmetics… We Have It All! Click Here.” I impulsively ‘clicked’ on the ad with a racing heart. The window that opened said ‘downloading’ with a timepiece revolving around in circles. The website took nearly 20 minutes or more to download. Finally, when the page opened, there were more options to ‘click’ on to read the details on specific items and articles. I went through different pages of the website, but every time, it took a long time to download one page. When I got tired, I closed all windows, and went back on my Facebook profile. My computer felt rather slow in processing websites. My day passed with nothing more but web surfing and loitering.

The big day arrived and I got ready in all splendor and glamor. I was ecstatic. An hour before Joshua had to pick me, I received a call from my best friend, Amy, saying I had to come online on Facebook. Apparently, my profile was sending out messages about sexy and appealing outfits! The messages carried the same information from the website from yesterday. She told me her brother was calling it a ‘Spyware’ which I had unintentionally downloaded from the website. I was mortified and had no clue on what to do next. As I was thinking of ways to save myself from further humiliation, Joshua texted, saying he was taking a rain check on our date. Amy told me to immediately get in the car and visit a computer programmer to fix my laptop, and I followed her instructions.

It took hours to fix, but finally, the Spyware was removed from my Mac. I emailed everyone on my friend list, explaining what had happed while apologizing to them. Later in the evening, Joshua called to ask if I was free on Saturday. Although things took a turn for the better for me, I grew cautious of harmful websites online and never again ‘clicked’ on welcoming advertisements!

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