Business software overview for small and home base business

Business software is one of the most important items that you can invest into for your business. Often the proper software for business can truly make a difference to the success of your business and it can also be one of the largest investments you make depending on your small business or home base business needs. A key software program would be payroll accounting software if you have employees that for you. Also if the company provides a service you might need customer support software to ensure quality service.

The business software will vary some depending on what kind of business you are running. For example if you are running a home base business that publishes menus for local restaurant then all you might need is Microsoft Office, 2003 and 2007 since it comes with word and the newest version 2003 and 2007 comes with program called Publisher which would be more than enough to design a nice menu. Now the other side of that example is if you have a small business maybe a home base business where you design homes for builders you will need more business software tools. You will need most likely still Office but you might also have to have CAD – Computer aided Design along with other software that you customer uses when they generates blue prints or wants to review project. Another usual program that should be run is anti spam software to protect against email spam that may contain harmful software.

Of course we are talking so major differences here and a big different in expense for software that one business might need. But you if you want to survive as a small business and grow you have to have the proper tools otherwise it can cost you timely delay and even the loss of business. Could you image running a business without customer support software which is an important part of the company to provide this service to the customer. Also if you have employees running company without payroll accounting software which makes this functions much easier than keeping books.

I usually recommend that basic business software for applications for most businesses such as Microsoft Office usually not too old of a version. The reason for this is very basic your customers and potential customers will most like use these programs for any documents that they send to you. Again you have to watch how old of a version you have because sometime problems can occur if you get too far behind on your MS Office software plus some customer may forget to convert files to older versions of Office and they may just not want to deal with it or your company if becomes too much of a hassle. I also recommend running anti spam software to help protect your computers from unwanted software and email spam.

By now you should have a good general idea of the type of software your business requires to basically do business. I know that some small businesses or franchise businesses have their own specialized software. If your business has specialized then you will have deal with company that developed for them for issue or support.

I have found some free software that is offered from the small business administration although I am sure that is basic software and I have yet to do some initial checks for compatibility but I will pass on the web link listed below. This is also a great resource for business information.

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