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In this section is about computer systems is the introductions to the various type of computer you can purchase for yourself or your business. The main two differences in computer is form factor to choice from either laptops (mobile computing) or desktops (stationary computing) which offer similar hardware and functionality but there are some key differences.

The main difference between the two form factors is size and portability that a laptop offers over a desktop system and is usually the choice of people that travel want the ability to work where every they go. Also a laptop offers the ability to make live prostrations and demonstrate to customers and others while having the ability of connecting back your company. The portability gives you the ability to do all these things and run the unit without plug in power for a limited amount of time plus you can watch your own movie or listen to music while sitting on a fight or when waiting for you next flight to you next location.

The laptop computer systems really do offer some great advantages to those people that need to have this ability and the luxury that comes with mobile computing. There are some disadvantages though to keep in mind such a laptop might offer many of the same options as Desktop PC but usually the CPU and memory are more limited and slower speeds plus you can work off the battery for a limited time and then you have to find a power source for the adapter. Another issue is that laptops are easy to lose or have stolen which can cause major concerns of lost of data and your personal and company information so this can consider a major security problem.

The Desktop PC does offer its own advantages like higher speeds CPU and the ability to hold larger amounts of RAM and higher end graphics plus the price difference. Usually most desktops that offer all these advantages will cost about half the price of a laptop. Plus desktops can be upgraded easier and for less than a laptop and you don’t have to buy lots of extra things like a docking station and extra batteries or a carry bag. Also Desktops usually have better graphics abilities and they are more secure since they can be locked in an office and have security cable mounted. Of course they offer more limited in terms of portability since they are much larger computer systems and require a constant power source and they can weight around 40 pounds or more.

There are other computer systems that can be considered such as Workstations and Servers. Usually these systems are even more powerful and are used more for software tools that require higher levels of CPU processing or are used to run applications or provide a combination of services for a business. Below are links to learn more about all these Computer systems.

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