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Small business computer or home based business computer CPU-review there are two basic choices to make before you buy: brand and speed. CPU-review will look at both the Intel and AMD processors that are currently used in all Desktop and laptop computers Servers end processors are not included on this page. Currently AMD is shifting to production of 64-bit processor, the benefits which will be more in the future. Intel is still entrenched in 32-bit computing but will change in time. Before you buy that new computer you should review again what you need for your small business computer or home base business computer.

Budget CPUs can be found around the 2.4 GHz range, mid-range at 2.8 to 6 GHz and high-end processors at or above 4.2 GHz.The first specification listed for all computer systems on the market tends to be the processor that is running on the computer. Typically it will say the brand, model and speed of the processor in the spec sheet, but the marketing information may only list its speed rating. This can make it very difficult to determine how good a machine is. After all, one processor running at a specific speed may not run as well as a different model from the same manufacturer. That is why I've pieced together this list of categories to let you know how functional each processor is.

Outdated Processors

Processors that fall into this category are generally no longer in production by the manufacturers and are typically sold in either budget systems or older refurbished systems. CPU-review still see they still function as a computer, they computing tasks with today's software is very limited.

AMD Athlon without the XP Intel Celeron below 3.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4

Budget Processors

These are processors that may or may not be in production anymore by the manufacturer's but are very inexpensive and functional. There are typically two types of processors that will fall into this category: older high-end processors no longer manufactured and new low end budget processors. Discontinued high-end processors typically provide a better bang for your buck functionality. While they may have a slightly lower clock speed, their architecture of the processor tends to allow them to actually perform better at most computing tasks than newer budget processors.

AMD Sempron Intel Celeron 3.2 GHz and Higher

Middle Processors

This is the segment of CPU-review the market that is probably the best overall value for your computing dollar. These are generally processors that used to be top of the line processors 6 to 9 months ago but now have hit that sweet spot in the price points from the manufacturers. While they are not the fastest processors on the market, they still perform very well in all aspects of computing. They may not have the total functional lifespan of the highest end processors, but the price to performance ratio tends to outweigh their longevity. Most home base business computer comes with these types of processors

AMD Athlon 64 5200 dual core

Intel 4800 dual core

Top of the Line Processors

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to processing power. If you absolutely must have the best thing out there for your new computer than this is what you want to look at. It will cost you though. Generally the most recent processors from the manufacturer's come at a price premium of about double that of the middle processors. While the price is over double that of the middle processors, the performance tends to be only about 25-50% more at the best of times from their counterparts in the middle category.

AMD Athlon 64 FX Intel quad core 2.0 or higher.

Watch this page for updates since there will be processor improvements as technology changes occur to the CPU-review.


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