Desktop computer tips and reviews for small or home base business

So you’re looking at a Desktop computer? This guide covers many of the basic items to examine when comparing desktop computers so that you can make an informed decision should you decide to purchase a computer system. Due to the changing nature of the PC Hardware industry, this guide will be periodically updated. Of course it also pays to run windows update or Vista updates on a regular bases to keep up with device drivers.

The top of the line best computer systems come at various prices from the more basic ones with older technology or the more expensive ones that come with all the most recent technology. With computers like most things you can spend a large amount of money on it depending on if you want the most recent technology. This is one thing to keep in mind as you examine your budget as you look at desktop computer for yourself or a small or home base business.

One thing good is it that with a desktop computer that you will in most cases get more for your money when compared to a Laptop system and usually at cheaper solution but you lose mobility there are smaller computer system that you can purchase now that might give you some mobility however you still need and external monitor. If you plan on keeping your computer for a while it often pays to spend a little extra and get a really higher level system with more recent technology of course the most expensive system are those with newest CPU, Video and other hardware. If you decided to buy the newest top end desktop computer there could be a drawback in the fact the best computer system available is that sometimes you can pay through the nose for the latest and greatest parts and you might have to wait for the PC systems. Because of the high price I personally would recommend getting a processor speed that one to two down levels from the top that way you save some money and cut cost without losing too much. If you also keep your software Windows update and Vista updates running it should also keep your system running with good speed.

It can be a real pain in the neck changing over or migrate over to a new system when you upgrade, so getting a fast computer to start with means you do not have to worry about doing that for a few years. Of course if you do this I recommend that you have a backup system as well.

Since we are covering processors now is a good time to discuss architecture differences and what the main differences between Intel and AMD processors. By now many people have hear of the Athlon 64 processor that was released about a few years ago when Apple was the first to offer the new hardware 64-bit processor with the their new G5 system. As many of us know Intel has been the primary process maker for many years currently they offer the Intel processor with a Duel-core with 64bit and now the new Quad-core. Basically what the difference here are the Duel-core is two processors or the Quad-core is four processors all on one chip. At one time the Pentium computers where generally a pretty solid choice for office or home use and they excel at media applications like encoding MP3’s and hyper threading should offers increased performance down the road as applications take advantage of it. Although there are differences between the AMD and Intel for the most part they work very similar to each other and currently you really don’t see much in terms of performance difference although some software programs and computer games you can see a noted difference on how well they run on the computer depending on the processor.

Another important feature to consider is the graphics card. Don't buy a computer with integrated graphics if you intend on possibly upgrading your video quality in the future or if you plan on running certain programs that constantly require you upgrade your video card a good example would if you plan on playing high level games.

Look for computers with Nvidia or ATI graphics cards, since they offer the best performance for applications and support along with warranty. Yes you can buy other types of video cards however you might find issue with them with certain applications and if software changes occur plus they might not have good support for drivers.

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