Common hardware drive failure and power supply failure

From my IT experience the most common hardware failure are hard drive failure and power supplies along with fan failures. Usually before some component fail they will give you warning signs but not always for example a fan may make more noise than normal or is stops completely. Another example would be when a hard drive failure start to fail you sees memory errors or data file errors or the drive its self starts making more noise sometimes a clicking or rubbing sound can occur.

In this first section of the business computing guide for hardware issue I will primary talk about these types of issues that usually involve problems with the system power supplies and hard drives. Later I will address issues with video cards and motherboards but let just focus on the most common issues that I have seen.


The first most common issue is hard drive failure and there is a different reason why this occurs anything from the age of the hard drive to over heating or just plan defective product hardware failure. The worst case I have seen of hard drive failure failing is within a year a brand new product was having this issue due to bad manufacturing lot of equipment which forced a recall of that hard drive.

From a business stand point this is one of the worst case (IT) issues you can have. Image having 50 or even 10 new computers loaded with data and then having to have hard drive replaced in them due to a bad manufacturing process. The down time alone could cost you a lot of money or even the loss of customers and all you get is maybe a sorry and we will replace that drive for you. Hard drive failure can occur at any time you might see initial start of this by receiving system error messages stating memory issues. Another problem might be that your system take a long time to respond or is running very slow but there are other things that also can cause this beside your hard drive issues and that are spyware. Another sign that your hard drive is starting to fail is noise you might hear a rubbing sound or even a clicking sound.

Go to our Spyware sections of the guide to find out ways to detect and repair this problem.

The next common issue is power supply failure. This can be an obvious problem at times you simply try to turn on your computer and nothing happens. You might have no power light at all but maybe but sometimes it is not the most obvious issue because you still might have some power going to your system it is just not enough to run your system properly. The sad thing is that sometimes when the power supply goes bad it really goes taking most of your computer equipment if not all with it in other words “power spike” to Motherboard and components this does not happen often but it can happen.

If this happens not only is it most likely your motherboard is toasted but also the CPU and maybe the hard drive and DVD/CD player. Basically powers spikes are very bad and it might mean it is time for a new computer and possible the loss of data if you hard drive is damaged.

If your hard drive issues is due to being damaged by a power spike or if it just fails and you cannot retrieve don’t give up hope because there are services that specialized in hard drive data recovery which can be very expensive especially for a small or home base business you can also find some programs and other methods to try and recover data before you contact one of these companies.

Even though you might only have one or maybe two computers for your small or home base business the examples I have listed above are just a few of reasons why I encourage the install and a constant back up of your computer system to a remote server or data storage device.

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