Computer issues 2 tips and computer checks for no power up or responce

In computer issues 2 we will talk about problems with power supplies on your system and how to tell if it is time for a new one. Usually when a computer power supply fails it is one of the simpler issues to diagnose. There are a few things that you can check before you go buy that replacement PC power supply and you have to be careful about. Before opening your case and working on your PC computer issues 2 recommends that you make sure that the system is completely unplugged. If you have to power up the computer then be careful while working on the computer since you can receive an electrical shock.

Computer issues 2 recommends that you check your warranty if you have one before you do any work make sure to contact the vendor of the computer system because some of them will provide full support as long as you do not attempt to do it yourself they may have you do some troubleshooting. Some vendors will require that you mail then the whole computer back to them while others may send a tech to your small business or home base business.

No warranty before you panic and think that it is time to buy a replacement computer power supply check a few basic things on the setup for your computer. Computer issues 2 recommends by start off make sure that you have a active power source I know that this is the basics but I have seen power strips or sockets go bad or blow fuses dues to power surges they can go bad as much as any piece of equipment. The easy way to check this is to see if other equipment powers up when you plug it in to the same power strip or socket.

After you have verified your power source you might also want to make sure that the power switch is correct position and also make sure that the plug is all the way in the plug. Again this is basic but I have also seen where the plus are loose usually because the computer was moved or maybe a pet or child pulled out the cord out.

If you have power and you see power lights on the case and you hear the system powering up then you might want to check your video cable and monitor settings. I have seen power up issues that are only just a simple loose monitor cable or if you monitor has dual inputs the switch was set for the wrong channel input. Sometime the real problem can be the monitor failed the easy way to check this is to connect a different monitor.

Ok you have check everything on the system your system is not responding after you hit the power switch there is one more thing that could be the issue other then the power supply and that is the power switch. Power switch again can go bad there is not any easy way to check this other then trying another switch. Sometimes you and replace the switch but other times with some cases it is not that easy and it might just pay to buy a new case.

Alright you looked at everything and you’re pretty sure that the PC power supply is not working any longer. Usually you can tell this because the fan on the power supply is not working at all and sometime you will smell what I call the “burning electronics smell” which is very distinctive. I have seen them go bad and the fan still was working but at a much slower speed and the smell really gave it away.

Most likely if your system uses a generic computer power supply then it pretty easy to find and replace can be easy or sometime very hard it is up to you if you want to attempt and replace it or you can take it over and have a computer tech do it for you at a local repair shop. If your system uses a unique power supply then you will have to contact the vendor and see about getting a replacement or seeing if you still have a warranty.

Hopefully this section of computer issues 2 has been helpful be sure to check our other trouble shooting section links listed below.


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