Malicious code and virus overview for small and home base business

With the constant ever growing threat of malicious code such as computer viruses, worms, malware and Trojan horses which are some of the most sophisticated types of threats to computer systems that exploit vulnerabilities in computer operating systems causing costly amounts of down time and possible the loss of business. Some customers may not want to keep doing business with you if you pass on malicious code or if you don’t have proper protection in place.

Any code which modifies or destroys data, steals data , allows unauthorized access Exploits or damage a system, and does something that user did not intend to do, is called malicious code for this reason it critical for all computer owners to take action to help secure and protect their systems. This is especially important in a small business or home base business because if one system is becomes infected it can spread to other systems on the same network as well as other computers systems. Malware is any program designed to do harm, though sometimes what's considered harmful is a bit vague. Viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, pop-ups, even spam and more have all qualified. Sometimes, though, one man's junk is another man's treasure.

More than once have I seen a computer system on a company network either becomes infected from either a customer or user from another computer and outside systems. If a system becomes infected then lock down the desktop and laptop systems is important until the problem has been removed. By locking down or taking the system off line it prevents the infect computer system from spreading the malicious code to other computers. This maybe an inconvenience but it is important to try and contain the computer virus as quickly as possible.

If you see that the malicious program coming over a networked source and you have network firewall that allows you to block ports over the network then you can block the site that is sending out the malicious program. It is usually sent out as email or a website link that infects the computer system as soon as the user opens the zip file or clicks the web link in the email the system is infected unless install computer virus tools are up to date and able to isolate the file before it can spread.

Let’s face it doing business over the internet has become dangerous and everyday it seems to get even worse in terms of viruses and spyware or adware. But even with these dangerous malicious codes the internet is a great tool and opportunity for your business so this is something you must deal when using the internet. I encourage the use of the internet to promote your business but I also encourage taking the steps to protect yourself and your business.

So how do you protect yourself and your business against malicious code the best ways are to have computer virus protection software that runs to start with on all your computer systems. Next is to make sure that you download and update software patch updates for your operation system. Service packages for Windows based operating software is important to keep up with so that security issues can be corrected.

Another good idea is to run a firewall for your computer network even if it is home based running some kind of firewall can really help protect your system again malicious code and malware having your system hacked into by others and it can also help protect you from spyware.

The last best way to keep your business or home computer from being impacted by malicious code and other things is to run regularly schedule system backups. Backup of your computer systems is the best way to prevent the lost of data and minimize the amount of down time that you will have should you have any serious issue where you need to rebuild you computer quickly. Be sure to check out our section about backing up your system click the link below.

Also be sure to check out the section about Spyware since it is more of issue then even malicious code on the internet.

Here are a couple of programs that you try today.

1. Noadware which is pretty good and they give you a free trial of the software. Noadware site! for your free copy.

2. SpyWareNuker which is another good choice and they also offer a free download trial. SpyWare Nuker site! for your free copy.

3. Error Nuker lets you scan your Pc for free to Check for Windows Registry Errors and they offer also a free trial. Error Nuker site! for your free copy.


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