Monitor issue tips and computer checks for monitor problems

Monitor issue and problems that you will commonly see on your system. Most times monitor troubles are directly either directly related to the monitor its self or the video cards and even sometimes the cable. You can also have problems if you have an older or lower resolution monitor with the higher end video cards it the resolution settings are set too high for the monitor then you will not have any display when the system boots up which often has you looking for a computer solution.

You might see the initial boot up and that all because the system running in VGA mode which is the lowest resolutions setting that system will run. You can also try booting your system in safe mode or VGA mode to see if the monitor issue starts working. Another reason that you might have to boot in safe or VGA mode is if you install or load new drivers that do not work properly this is a good way to uninstall them especially if you don’t have a display afterward this could be a easy computer solution.

Another monitor issue is that you might see is what I call a “white out effect” where the contrast and brightness are starting to go. Usually this is directly an issue with the monitor going bad for color contrast control and there is not much you can do except either replace the monitor or try to have repaired. Of course if you have a warranty then by all means contact the company you got the monitor from.

A common monitor issue seen is lines on the monitor screen you usually see these pretty well either during the boot up or after the system has fully booted up. This issue can be the monitor or the video card or maybe even the cables you use. Now comes the fun part which one is it I usually and to be honest it depends a little on the type of lines you are seeing. If you have dark lines that go horizontal across the screen and you really see them after the system has booted then I would say it is your video card.

I have seen video cards fail and create this issue and the only way to correct is to replace the video card. Usually if the lines are smaller lines and thinner more vertical then I would say it is monitor trouble. You will see them also during initial boot up and they are much lighter in color. Again the only way to correct this is to replace the monitor with a new one.

If you see lines or the screen seem blurry even if you change settings then it might be the cable you are using for you monitor. What is happening is the cable you are using is not shielded enough and it is picking up noise from other sources like Florence lighting or fans for example even the power supply on the computer itself. Even if you have the best cable you can see this issue if you have other equipment running near your computer or monitor.

I will never forget I had a customer that had his computer right next to three pieces of racked equipment and was wonder why he had a very blurry screen until I turned off that equipment. So it is my recommendation that you keep your computer and monitor away from other equipment that is running a fan or even close to Florence lighting.

One last issue I have seen is that you have a red or off color on your monitor this can be either a loss connection or maybe it is time to degauss you monitor. Most new monitors have this ability and simply by tell in the degauss function it can clear the problem.


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