Operating system comparisons

Operating system comparisons are easy to defined these days since there is such a difference between older computer operating software and the newer versions. Yes there might be

some similarity in terms of view however there are some significant differences. These differences include improved security and better improved performance. So might ask which is the best operating systems? Before we answer that question lets answer some other questions first.

What is an operating system - (OS)?

This is the software that loads and controls the execution of computer programs and various services to the user of the system. The software acts as an interface between the hardware and the user to run and given task or service.

So what’s the most common (OS) software used today?

Currently Microsoft Windows (OS) due to the fact that it is by default the (OS) install by computer manufactures companies. Most Operating system comparisons are to this software since most of us have experience with Microsoft (OS) software.

This was by no means was the first (OS) since there was other software such as “CPM” and DOS which later became Microsoft software also UNIX which existed well before Windows made an appearance to computers. There are other (OS) programs that existed however they are used more for businesses than an end user.

Many types of (OS) software

There other many types of operating system software to choose from that will work on a standard desktop or laptop system along with Workstation or Server class systems. The most current Windows based software that most manufactures sell with new computer systems or you can buy and install on a computer is Vista however since late October of 2009 the new Windows7 software has been slowly replacing Vista as the default software installed on new computers. Another relatively new (OS) is the Apple Mac software which has gained some popularity over the last year as an alternate choice however is only on Apple computers. Although the hardware is pretty much the same on an Apple computer when compared to a standard PC the Operating software is very different. There are many pro's and con's to this software which I will talk about on another page.

Another (OS) that you can still purchase and run on a PC and is still supported is the older Windows XP. Windows XP is the oldest software it terms of development deployment and sales from Microsoft and the best operating systems in use. This is still one of the most popular software platforms due it time in service and reliability and the ability to run on most computer systems plus good supporting software programs plus there was some issues with Vista. Most Operating system comparisons is to Windows XP due to these facts.

However there are other types of operating system software for computer systems like UNIX and LINUX however they are very different in term of how they run. UNIX is used more for business companies these days however Linux has gained popularity on Unix and is not only used by companies but also by end users. UNIX and Linux Operating system comparisons are more to each other rather then Windows (OS) however Linux has gained some popularity since it has similar appearance to Windows and operation depending on the version you load. Linux is and open source free operating system which can be downloaded from various sources such as Red Hat, SUSE or Ubuntu which can be found at many sources. Of course you can find this software on CD / DVD but you will have to pay for it. The current Apple Mac software is based off of UNIX/Linux but is not free and is only supported by Apple computers.

Out of date (OS) software

Other non-supported types of operating system such Windows 2000 and Windows NT along with Windows 98 / ME or Windows 95 which is now very out date and no longer supported by Microsoft.

Most of these software (OS) programs will not run on newer computer system due to the fact that there is no support for them in terms of drivers and software which are required for a computer system to run properly. These older software platforms can’t recognize the new hardware and CPU interfaces on new systems. There is little Operating system comparisons with these older software versions since they are no longer in production however they did help create the newest software you can install.

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