Server review and tips for small or home base business

Server review and tips in this section Business computer guide looks at servers for your business. We have given you a few examples of low cost and other types of servers that might provide the support that you’re small or home base business needs.

Just some quick overview notes about server review that you should keep in mind before going and buying a server that you’re going to put in your office. Just so you know Servers can be kind of noisy due to the number or size of the fans that are used to cool them so you might want to put the server unit it a separate room if you have the space.

Another thing during server review to keep in mind where every place a server in a separate room or a main that has very good idea to have good Air conditioning the reason for this is that if you buy a larger server they can get very hot since they run multiple processors and more hard drives and can get very hot and really heat up the room that they are located.

The last couple of things to keep in mind are the power requirements that your server will need. The smaller servers in most cases you will not have to worry about this as much since they use about the same amount of power as a Desktop or workstation PC system. However on the higher end server that much larger you have to watch this because they can draw a lot more power than your normal computer system.

One server review note is I would recommend that you properly setup your server in an equipment rack. A server rack helps save on space that your equipment would occupy and is designed to hold not just the server but other equipment as well such as LAN and Storage arrays should you want to add more equipment.

Alright just one last server review note then feel check out some of the servers listed below I bring this up because if a recent issue I had to deal with at an office. If you’re going to put your server and other equipment in a utility room where there is a water heater be sure to place the equipment away from the water heater and second make sure that you have a good foot of clearance off the floor.

The reason I bring this up is because if the water heat goes it might take all your expensive equipment with it. Also usually these spaces are not well air conditioned which is not a good thing for the equipment either so you might have to add an AC unit to help keep it nice and cool.

Remember that water and electrical equipment don’t mix well together and most companies that you buy the servers or other computer equipment from will not fix the equipment because the warranty does not cover this should your equipment become damaged from a leaking water heater.

Here are a few servers that might be just what you’re small or home based business needs. This is just a few examples of server review that might work for your business.

Server review for small or home base business.

* HP is an extremely capable small business server at a surprisingly reasonable price. The server offers a good physical design and you can really add on to the system because of the expandability. This unit like all servers is noisy due the fans which is the only thing bad. Here are some of the specs for this system. Processor-- Intel Xeon (2.8 GHz)RAM installed-- 512 MB DDR SDRAMCache size - type-- 512 KB L2 cache hard drive-- Varies.2nd hard drive-- NoneCD / DVD drive-- CD-ROM IDE2nd optical storage type-- None Monitor type - technology - form factor-- None. Video RAM installed-- 8 MB Graphics processor-- ATI RAGE XLAudio output-- Integrated Sound card Cabinet form factor-- Tower Check for current prices.

* Dell Power Edge Server for small business server

This system is FAST and offers a PCI express video X16 slot. Pentium 4 Hyper threading technology and uses DDR2 memory. This is a good inexpensive desktop server solution. A Pentium 4 2.8 Gig and 512K DDR2 533 MHz ram, 48X CD, onboard video and 160 gig SATA hard drive w. keyboard & mouse runs around $356.00Some of the bad things about this system are:-Must make a minor modification to PCI socket to accept premium video cards.-Expansion is limited compared to a tower case-Fan noise


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