Server basics for small or home base business

What are servers and how can they help provide a business solution as they grow. Used to network your computers together can help your small or home base business run more smoothly and cost-efficiently, while also boosting productivity. It can provide a common shared source for your computer system. At one time, pretty much only large companies could afford these systems because of their high cost and complexity and advance technology involved. Now, thanks to new technologies that are designed for small a business which pretty much allows any company to take advantage of the benefits of this type of computer and client/server networking.

This class of systems is machines created specifically to be used to support various applications and services or data bases, as opposed to buying a workstation and making it perform this function. These class machines are bigger: they have more hard disk space, RAM, and Processors. They are designed to support multiple users that need to access a source for information or related service for a business.

These types of operator various systems control security and allow you to decide the specific users, computers, or devices that can access various resources, as well as how they can use those resources. The operating systems also allow other specific programs, or applications, to run. For example, this type of system can run a business application or control a group of printers—such as accounting billing software—that all the client computers can access at the same time. These systems for a small or home base business can run off various types of operating software which is something that you will have to look at if you decide to run a this type of computer for your business. Some examples of software would include Windows 2003 for small business solution or you could run UNIX or even Linux and soon Vista it all depends on what your want from your system to support.

The performance requirements of your system for your small or home business will depend largely on the type of software applications you plan to run on it. This type of system can be used to support the following range of functions for a group of clients this is just a general list since there are other functions not listed below.


Software applications that require greater computing power or greater access than a desktop system could provide. (I.e. accounting software)


Can run applications driven by databases that allow multiple users to access and share information at the same time.File/Print SharingWill allow multiple users share network printers and file resources. They may also include login services to authenticate a user's right to use a network service.


Collaboration today often requires many users to share information electronically, and messaging software makes this possible. Messaging programs run by the system enable communications and document sharing as well as email services (often called messaging services). Standard messaging applications include Lotus Notes®, Microsoft Exchange™, Novell GroupWise™, and Lotus cc:Mail™.Multi-tasking

Allows small businesses to use a single Microsoft server for multiple tasks such as print/file sharing, e-mail, and other applications.

Web Server

The Internet and private company intranets have become popular vehicles for sharing information. Servers that support online access often support Internet-related services, such as ecommerce, and security functions.


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