Software compatibility overview for small and home base business

Business software compatibility is always something you have to consider even if it is the same type of software that does not mean that you can properly open and view the file if they are different versions which means you need a business solution. An example might be a file created Excel 2007 cannot be opened and view in an older version of Excel like 98 unless it is saved in that format.

Compatibility of software can also be an issue depending on the platform. Basically if you are using an application such as Adobe Acrobat to create document on a PC and UNIX base systems you might experience issue even though it is the same software. This can be due to program differences between the different operating software platforms.

Even though you think that you have business software that offers software compatibility it is not always the case when you have different versions and different computer operating software platforms and again you need to find a business solution. One other point to keep in mind that some software like Excel or even Acrobat may take macros or fonts that you will have to load to properly view the files otherwise it might not display properly.

The loading of unique programs such as True type font for Office is a good example of add on that designed to enhance the user’s documents. Usually you find this program in older versions of Office.


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