Spyware solutions for small and home base business

The spyware solutions is not always an easy one especial if your PC system is already serious infected with multiple adware or Malware programs. The detection of spyware can be sometime fairly easy while other times it can be hidden and not found without looking for the installed program and the only way to do that properly is with Anti Spyware and Spyware blocker software. So what spyware solutions work is the question?

I have found that while there are some very good spyware removal programs that are out there now. Most of them offer usually a free trial version but before you go out and buy a spyware solution you might want to look at the cost and how well it works. Some of you have Anti Spyware and Spyware blockers installed but how protected are you from these types of software? In most cases if you are running Windows XP or Vista you do have some protection from Windows defender which is now part of the operating system however this software only provides a limited amount of protection. It could be that you also got software with your PC or purchased some Anti Spyware with spyware blocker but how effective is this software now.

I can say that I have run some of the more popular Anti Spyware and Spyware blocker programs on my own and I have setup for customers. I usually install more than one program for spyware detection and removal plus I made sure that I also had a spyware blocker. The spyware blocker does not remove adware however it does prevent it from getting on your system sometimes. I don’t want to say blockers are 100% effect but they can block a lot of adware before it even gets on your computer.

Below I have listed some of the most common adware programs that can be found running on computer system this is constantly changing. If you think that your system is safe from spyware because you have firewalls or other types of security then I have to tell you now that assumption is very false. Although you might be better protected then other computer systems adware or Malware still can be installed on your computer. I have seen this even happen at large corporations that have multiple firewalls and security where spyware has found its way on to computer systems. So don’t assume that your computer is safe just because you have some firewall protection make sure to run some kind of Anti Spyware and Spyware blocker software to provide an effective spyware solution.

Common Spyware programs:

180Search Assistant, - abxtoolbar, - Advanced KEYLOGGER, - Advanced Remote Info, - AntivirusGold, - BearShare, - BetterInternet, - BlazeFind, - BrowserPal, - Cashback, - Clocksync, - CoolWebSearch, - Dashbar, - Date Manager, - D-Helper web driver, - Ebates Moe Money Maker, - Elitetoolbar, - ErrorGuard, - Ezula, - Gator / GAIN, - HomeSearchAssistant, - Hotbar, - InternetOptimizer, - ISTBar / AUpdate, - KaZaA,- Lop.com / LOP, - Media Access, - NaviSearch, - n-Case, - New.net, - nLite, - Port Scanner 1.1,- PurityScan, - SearchAssistant, - ShopAtHome Agent (SAHAgent), - SideFind, - TIBS, - Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Qoologic.g, - Websearch Toolbar, - Win-dh, - WinTools, - XXXToolbar.

Below I have listed some of the current Anti Spyware and Spyware blocker programs that I would say are some of the better programs to run that will check and remove any install Adware programs. Also these programs offer free versions so that you can run them and test them out for yourself. If you like the programs then please pay for them since the developers of this software worked hard on these programs so it is only fair to pay them for the hard work.

1. Noadware which is pretty good and they give you a free trial of the software. Click Here! for your free copy.

2. SpyWareNuker which is another good choice and they also offers a free down load trial. Click Here! for your free copy.

We hope that this selection on spyware solutions has been helpful and informative and hopefully will help keep your PC be better protected in the future.


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