Video issue tips and computer checks for video card problems

Pc video issue and problems that can occur will vary depending on the video card and the chip set. First of all understand that there are now two different types of video cards that you will find in computer systems. Most new system come with either a PCI express or AGP type video card and although they may look similar they are very different for more information about these two types of video cards click the link below.

Pc video issue commonly is from usually patch or software updates that sometime don’t work. Sometimes you get these as an option from running Windows updates and down loading them. Sometimes there is a problem from this and other times it works just fine I would recommend going back to the card manufactures website and down loading any updates then again if everything is working fine then don’t do anything. I won’t hurt your computer if you don’t have the most recent update although you might have some application issue or game issues if you don’t keep most recent updates for you video card.

If your do not have any video at all or display is discolored then you might have a bad connection or cable. This could also be a problem video card not being all the way in the video card slot on the motherboard. I have seen video cards come out of the slot sometimes if you move the video cable or when computers are shipped via mail. You can correct the problem video issue by simply unplugging the computer first and then opening the case and making sure that the Pc video card is properly seated to the motherboard. Before you open the case review your warranty and make sure that you don’t violate any warranty but then again they might just have you check this once you call the manufacture.

Some new motherboards have locked video card slots which are designed to help correct this problem. If the card appears to be pushed all the way and the lock is in place then the video card is all the way in the slot. DO NOT FORCE the video card in the slot if it does not go into the card slot any more then it is seated properly most likely.

Worst case is that the video issue is the card itself has failed. This problem does occur sometimes because the problem video card has got too hot or the fan of Pc video card has failed. Sometimes you might see warning signs of this because the computer locks up after it has been on for some time. The only solution is to replace the video card with a new one.


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