VoIP voice over IP overview

So what is VoIP? Basically it is a technology that allows you to make telephone call if you have a broadband internet connection or other connection such as T1 or T3 network line. What this means is that basically there is another signal riding over the top of your existing network connection. This has no real effect on your network connection so there is no impact to network performance to your computer. The voice over IP converts the voice signal from the telephone line into a digital signal that rides on the internet connection and then is converted back over at the other end so that it is just like speaking on a regular phone.

There are many some good advantages to having this service one of the best reasons if cost. This service is far less than most phones service that offers similar features and options. The kind of service include caller ID, unlimited call within the US and Canada usually and some even offer calling to multiple countries.

Here is an example of the current VoIP service that I have they offer calling plan to 21 countries unlimited including US and Canada, caller ID, caller forwarding, faxing, online recorders and statement of call activities all for the price of around $20.00 a month. I know that if I was to get the same service through a normal phone service this would be easily double to four times the amount that I am now paying so you can see the advantages. The only thing I had to pay for was the adapter for voice over IP which was $40.00 dollars at the time. Most companies do offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. There are some programs that will let you use your computer as the connection point.

Some of the disadvantages include no 911 service however this is changing now since there was there has been a change in laws. Another problem is that if you lose power then most likely you will not have a phone due to the fact that you must have a powered VoIP adapter and network modem for you service provider.

Another issue I have found it how good of connection you have over your internet service provider (ISP) or network. I have seen what is called dropped packets over my ISP which causes and issue where I will be talking with someone and as I do I am cutting out on the conversation and the person at the other end is only hearing every other word. The VoIP companies can do nothing about this the only ones that can fix this is your ISP.

VoIP is something you might want consider since is a good way to cut cost and yet keep in contact with your customer even if they live out of your local area. I would say give it a try and see if it meets your business needs you have a new phone system remember you can keep your old phone for system until you have a chance to fully check out the new VoIP system.


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