Windows 2000 W2K-Server basics for small or home based business

Windows 2000 W2K-Server: Features of Windows 2000 Server are:

Active Directory improves manageability, enables security, and extends interoperability with other operating systems Provides high-level interfaces for database access and Active Directory services

Lets you use COM+ to run component-based applications, integrated Web applications and message-queuing servicestransaction services feature makes it easier to develop and deploy server-centric applications

Microsoft Back Office is fully integrated into Windows 2000 Server

Other versions of Windows 2000 server include the following below.

Windows 2000 Advanced Server Some of the significant features of Windows 2000 Advanced Server are:

The server operating system for e-commerce and line-of-business applications

Includes all the features of Windows 2000 Server, with additional scalability and clustering support

Increased reliability--ensure your business-critical applications are online when your customers need them

Easier to use and manage clusters, applications, and updates Supports 8-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and up to 8 GB of memory (RAM)

Windows 2000 W2K-Server system requirments

For Server and Advanced Server

Computer: IBM or 100% compatible

Processor: Intel Pentium 133 MHz or equivalent

4 CPU's Supported and 8 CPU's For Advanced

Memory: 256 MB - I would recommend at least 512 MB and higher.

Drives: 1.0 GB Disk space

Video: VGA or higher monitor

Controls: Mouse / keyboard or compatible

Operating System: Requires Windows NT Server 3.5 or 4.0


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