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On this page of Workstation review you will learn more about the workstation computer systems and why you might want to invest in one of these powerful systems. While desktops are still by far the most popular computers in the workplace today, in recent years some companies have made the decision to switch to


One of the reasons workstations are becoming increasingly popular is because prices have come down. As recently as five years ago, the cost of the average workstation was far more expensive than the standard desktop, but nowadays the difference is negligible. There even laptop workstation stations that carry about the same abilities as high end desktops

So what’s the different of Workstation verses a standard desktop?

The best example I can think of in this workstation review that explains it is one word

“Horsepower” think if as a Ford mustang, you can buy a standard V8 GT that has about 300 horsepower or you can spend the extra money and get the Shelby GT 550 mustang which has a over 500 horse power. So you can see that one car has much more power and the same can be said about Workstation a computer which is why some of them are featured in this workstation review. A good example is cad workstation which is used for detailed drawings or buildings or electronic circuits just to name a couple for this workstation review.

Why choose a workstation?

While it is true that standard desktops are better suited for everyday applications like word processing, internet research, email, and spreadsheet, in just about every other area, workstations have them beat. The average workstation has a more powerful CPU, superior graphics, a higher memory capacity, as well as incredible multitasking capabilities. Still, they are specifically designed to excel at complex applications such as 3D mechanical design, animation, and mathematical and engineering simulations.

They are the computer of choice for animators, engineers, designers, analysts, mathematicians and certain kinds of scientists plus cad workstations. When they are used by people in these fields, there is no comparison with regard to performance between workstations and desktops. However, desktops are still far more popular in an ordinary business environment where these specific applications are unnecessary. Some of the higher gaming systems are Workstation based systems and can also work as servers in some cases however the big difference is that servers offer more processing and redundant power supplies, network connects etc. The workstation review does not recommend using a workstation computer as a full server but it might fit the job where a temporary server is need or can handle lower level server task such as print server or network storage.

Workstation reviews

Today we are going to take a look at a couple of workstations that are produced by Hewlett Packard. Though HP is best known for its reliable desktops and printers, in recent years they have been investing heavily in workstations and the results are truly astounding.

HP Z 800 Workstation

The new Z 800 is indeed the exception to the rule when it comes to workstations in that it is beautiful both inside and out. Although Hewlett Packard has never been known for their elegant designs, the Z 800 is certainly a step up in general aesthetics when compared with other workstations.

The side panels are made of brushed aluminum and the top and front end are a louvered composite material. The system also includes a slot loading optical drive, retractable handles for easy movement, and a smooth bottom that makes it easy to move.

What’s the inside?

The first and most obvious innovation is the power supply. It is located at the top of the unit in an aluminum enclosure and provides 1100 watts of power. That means the power supply has no cables to plug in.

But these are just the little added features. What you really want to know about is performance. This powerful system has eight Intel 3.2 GHz processor cores and offers an amazing 12GB Ram as well as Windows Vista 64, which helps to utilizes every bit of Ram and improve overall performance. And it does.

The Z800 easily and efficiently runs a number of applications other than the media tools that is was specifically designed for. The system is famously used by Dreamworks Studios for all of their animation projects and can easily handle CAD drawings, special effects, and audio production tools.

Starting Price: $1999.00

Hewlett Packard X 4000

Although it is not nearly as powerful as the Z 8000, in review after review users have found the X 4000 to be easy to use and trouble free. They found installing software to be a breeze and that everything copied and transferred over easily. While the machine is certain not lightning fast like many more expensive models, it is speedy when compared to many desktops. Not to mention the fact that the FireGL4 graphics boards can display both 2-D and 3-D information several times faster than standard desktops.

The actual hardware includes two 2.2 GHz Xeon processors, four 1GB RDRAM, FireGL4 graphics card, and Intel Camino 2 Chipset. This allows artists and animators to display more than 250 million pixels a second at high resolution. The powerful processors allow them to complete complex color correction without a hiccup. The SMP capabilities are also impressive and give the machine the power to run at exactly double the speed of a single-processor machine.

In the final analysis, while the X 4000 might not be the fastest machine on the market, customers have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use and how few design glitches they experienced. The most common glitches with other workstations include speckling pixels during refreshes, polygons on the screen when there shouldn't be and basic slowdowns during applications. But with the X 4000, customers agree the machine is virtually trouble free. It is also, they say, extremely easy to use and all of the software that is included with the unit was a cinch to load and worked exactly as expected.

Laptop Workstation

There are also some laptop workstations to consider for workstation review as the well however they are not listed here because they are not in the same league as the systems listed above and at best you get a large screen with laptop workstation plus more power video card that is loaded with ram but the processing power is equal to lower end computer systems. These are great for engineering people that need additional mobility for work but not recommended for serious design projects or programs that run heavy mathematical programs.

We hope that you found the workstation review helpful and will return again since this review will be updated as technology changes and more systems can be tested.

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